Web presenter audio issues

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David McCormick

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Web presenter audio issues

PostWed Mar 15, 2017 1:23 pm

Have been trying to get audio sorted using the web presenter with both single camera and two cameras and would appreciate any tips. When using 2 cameras I have been using a Sennheiser ME64/K6, sounds okay but have a sync issue when cutting to the second camera. I realise that both cameras need to output the same. I can affect this but as there is only one SDI and one HDMI i have to use a converter on one of the feeds. One camera audio is perfectly in sync, the other is not. Having spoken to black magic I decided to try and use a G3 radio mic. I used one transmitter and two receivers, one on each camera. Now the problem besides the sync issue is massive amounts of echo. I have tried altering gain on both transmitters and receivers but nothing seems to cure the problem. Maybe I should learn my lesson of being an early adopter of BM products. Have had to return 3 cameras because of FPN and now this. I was hopeful this would be a useful piece of kit but it is not something I can not offer to my clients with these problems. Has anyone had any luck solving these issues. Would be grateful for any advice or work arounds.

Denny Smith

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Re: Web presenter audio issues

PostWed Mar 15, 2017 5:37 pm

All the audio inputs, including the embedded camera audio, on the Web Presenter. Their are known issues with the Audio, which is being addressed in an upcoming firmware update.

Have you tried just connecting the wireless mic receiver, or the Senn. Mic to a preamp, and outputting that to the WP's XLR audio input?
Denny Smith
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Re: Web presenter audio issues

PostSat Mar 18, 2017 10:15 pm

The only way to get full synchronised audio in multicam productions is to use matching cameras with genlock.

Without genlock you will have sync issues (less than 2 frames on matching cameras), with unmatched cameras you may see as much as five frames difference between shots.

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Rick Goodman

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Re: Web presenter audio issues

PostMon Mar 20, 2017 2:01 am

Just like everyone else waiting for updates to fix the audio. Plugged a handheld mic directly in and got zero levels from it. Run the same mic thru a mixer and get all sorts of level. For what we are using our Web Presenter for we need to be able to plug the mic in without running it thru any mixer.

Kerry Shearer

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Re: Web presenter audio issues

PostTue Apr 04, 2017 4:46 pm

I am attempting to use Web Presenter with Telestream Wirecast.

Audio levels are great on my mixer, the VU meters look great on the Web Presenter's Teranex display panel, but the levels are horrendously low on the Wirecast VU meters.

I have all input levels within Wirecast cranked to the max. Is anyone else experiencing this?

(I'm starting to get skittish about Blackmagic products. I ended up sending back my Blackmagic Video Assist recorder because it was dropping frames when recording in only HD quality using recommended SD cards!)

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