Using PC Line-In for Audio Recording

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Ben Peacock

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Using PC Line-In for Audio Recording

PostSat Mar 18, 2017 5:16 pm

I'd like to start using Media Express (or the Capture feature in the Software Control) to record in place of the crazy system we've been using (which I won't go into). I've got a good video feed. To get audio, I figured out that I could run a line to the camera, which then passes through the ATEM Television Studio and on to Media Express. But the quality is awful! What I'd *really* like to do is just put the audio straight into the PC using the line in. But Media Express does not pick up that audio, which I thought it would on the "External" channel. Is this not possible to accomplish?

Brian Russo

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Re: Using PC Line-In for Audio Recording

PostSat Mar 18, 2017 5:33 pm

this is what i'm doing for livestreams, because the Web Presenter mangles the audio into hot trash. I just go line in on my PC, and in OBS select the audio input from the PC's soundcard.
Brian Russo. NY
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Fred Rodrigues

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Re: Using PC Line-In for Audio Recording

PostSat Mar 18, 2017 8:57 pm

The way you are doing it (audio via the camera) should be ok, as long as you are matching levels and matching balanced audio with balanced audio and line level and impedance with line level and impedance (some cameras are setup for mic inputs which are different to the line level that will come out of your mixer, and some again have only un balanced or only balanced and some mixers have either or.

You can use a DI or balancing or un balancing unit to take care of the conversion. Alternately, you can also get an embedder and embed the audio into SDI or HDMI just before it goes to media express.

You cannot select your soundcard as an input in media express, only the audio inputs on the blackmagic capture device will work. What capture card are you using (I am guessing a ultrastudio mini with only HDMI or SDI? What camera do you have? What is your audio source, and is it balanced or unbalanced? Alternately you can also convert to digital AES/EBU and feed directly into the ATEM and use the ATEMs audio mixer to route the digital input to the feed.

Many ways to do this, if the system is setup right the audio should be good, I would guess there is a missmatch somewhere.


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