Television Studio HD wont work with latest Windows Update

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Television Studio HD wont work with latest Windows Update

PostTue Apr 18, 2017 10:59 pm

I use 2 Small PCs (Atom Based Intel Stick PCs) as sources for graphics input to 2 of the 4 HDMI inputs on the TVS HD. I am set to 1080i59.94 frame rate on the switcher and on the PC display settings.
All worked fine with Windows 10 Ver 1607 (Anniversary Update). After updating several of these Atom Based (Intel Graphics) PCs to the new Windows 10 1704 (Creators update), the 1920x1080i59.94 outputs no longer show up in the TVS HD HDMI inputs.

If I plug the HDMI cables into the BM Video Assist monitor I get a stable image which indicates it is 1080i59.94 However if I plug the HDMI out of the Video Assist to an HDMI or SDI input on the TVS HD. I get nothing on the HDMI input and Garbled Video on the SDI output. (Image on Video Assist is stable)

If I record the video on the Video Assist it plays back fine on both the HDMI and SDI inputs of the TVS HD. But if I switch back to E to E I get nothing. I believe this must be a problem with the video drivers for Windows 10 ver 1703. It shows up as 1080i59.94 on my Decimator MD-Cross but something is wrong with that video timing. When I went back to Windows 10 version 1604 video returned to normalcy.

Perhaps Blackmagic should contact Microsoft to work out this incompatibility with their latest Intel HD video Drivers for Windows 10 ver 1704, If the EDID is supposed to exchange monitor timings it is not choosing one that works with the BM switchers. In all the above test cases the HDMI output on these small PCs was the primary and only Video output. Laptops placed in Extended monitor mode seem to work with the new update as long as the HDMI output was as an extended monitor and set to 1080i59.

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