Finally I have an affordable lens system for my Blackmagic S

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Finally I have an affordable lens system for my Blackmagic S

PostWed Apr 19, 2017 12:56 am

Initially I was using my ATEM to do CCU controlled multi camera broadcasts with Panasonic Lumix lenses. But these lenses have very limited capabilities and they are not quite suited for video work. I really longed for my old Sony SD CCD system where all the camera's had various Fujinon lenses. I eventually tossed these old Sony cameras but kept the lenses and now, after all these years, found a new purpose for them.

So NOW I have these Fujinon lenses mounted on all my Blackmagic Studio Camera's AND Micro Studio Cameras. The trick was to design and build a lens controller that allowed the ATEM to control the Iris, and while I was at it, control the focus and zoom; all remotely over the return video feed from the ATEM using the BMD Arduino Shield.
And since I was doing all the hard stuff I also added local zoom, Iris and Focus control at the camera end. Added to this I designed my own Focus and Zoom demand units along with Iris.

Here is an introductory video...

I will have these on the market very shortly so please email me if you are interested.

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