Hyperdeck Studio Mini - HDMI Output Problem

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Bill Severance

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Hyperdeck Studio Mini - HDMI Output Problem

PostFri Jun 30, 2017 12:08 am

Just received our Hyperdeck Studio Mini which will be paired with ATEM TVS HD as soon as it is received and 3 PTZ SDI cameras for recording municipal meetings. In checking out the Hyperdeck I was not able to display video via the HDMI output connected to an ASUS VE248H 1080p monitor. The monitor continually showed "Out of Range". I tried two other 1080p computer monitors with either the same error message or a black screen. Connecting the Hyperdeck HDMI output via the same HDMI cable to a 1080p television worked fine. So I'm wondering . . .

1. What is the resolution and frame rate of the Hyperdeck HDMI output? The television showed it to be 1080p as expected but could not tell if frame rate was 30 or 60.
2. Can the Hyperdeck HDMI output resolution and frame rate be changed? Is it fixed or does it follow the SDI input signal which was 1080p30.
3. Probably not related but I could not record with a 1080p60 SDI input from camera. The LCD screen on the Hyperdeck showed only the top part of the input video compressed vertically to about 1/3 height and then repeated on a second "row" about 1/3 height and the final 1/3 height of the screen black.

Thanks for any suggestions!
Bill Severance, Technical Advisor
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Re: Hyperdeck Studio Mini - HDMI Output Problem

PostTue Aug 08, 2017 2:56 am

Have you received your switcher yet? Can you record program with your HDMini? I'm finding that the units will not accept a signal without embedded audio ie) raw camera feed through router to HDMini is no good, same source routed through switcher is joyful.

Denny Smith

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Re: Hyperdeck Studio Mini - HDMI Output Problem

PostThu Aug 10, 2017 5:28 pm

Bill, The Hyperdeck Mini, as all of the BM Video recorders, output resolution matches the inoutted signal resolution, not up/down or cross scaling. So if you input 1080p30, you will get 1080p30 out.
Denny Smith
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