HDMI signal seen by MiniRecorder but not ATEM

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HDMI signal seen by MiniRecorder but not ATEM

PostFri Aug 25, 2017 11:17 pm

Hey guys,

I work for a church, and we have an ATEM 1ME Production Studio 4k, which I'm trying to run a DVD player into. The DVD player runs into a splitter that also strips the HDCP, and then both an ATEM and a Mini Recorder (going into a Mac via Thunderbolt).

Here's the weird thing: both the Mini Recorder and ATEM are set to 720p59.94, but the signal is only being seen by the Mini Recorder, not the ATEM.
It's also coming through very purply, but that's a YCbCr vs RGB issue, and I'll deal with it after I get the signal actually going.

Troubleshooting thus far:
ATEM Input 1 is set to HDMI, not SDI. I'm using short HDMI cables, and I don't think it's an EDID problem because I can hot swap a 4k TV which works fine. The ATEM is setup right, and to check I ran an SDI from Aux 1 into the Mini Recorder, and can toggle between the SDI and HDMI, so it's definitely working fine. If I plug the DVD player straight into the Mini Recorder then it (unsurprisingly) doesn't work because of HDCP.

Signal flow:
DVD player > Splitter > ATEM | Mini Recorder | 4k TV

I'm stumped, and I'd really like to be able to run this signal. Any ideas?

(Mods, I didn't see the post about using your full name until after I registered, so let me know how I can change that).

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