BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle help

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John Graham

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BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle help

PostSat Sep 09, 2017 8:49 pm

I just bought the Intensity shuttle from Amazon and have had no luck installing it. The microSD supplied with the shuttle is not reading anything.. so I had read that there is a installer on here that would let you install the driver. If anyone has any references that could help me, that'd be greatly appreciated. I have a web stream tomorrow afternoon.
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Re: BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle help

PostTue Sep 12, 2017 4:52 pm

Download "Desktop Video" from the support section of the website ... d-playback
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Colin Barrett

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Re: BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle help

PostThu Sep 14, 2017 3:02 pm

Once you've installed the Blackmagic Desktop Video Utility, reboot and then open it with the Shuttle connected. The Desktop Video Utility will enable you to set up your desired capture parameters, codecs, aspect ratio, etc. Once this is done you can then open Blackmagic Media Express and, under File > Preferences you need to set your prefs for the capture job. Where appropriate, these must match the ones you selected in Desktop Video in addition to choosing video/audio codec, destination, etc. It's important that you do both of these things otherwise nothing will happen and that's where many people trip up and get nothing. Have an video/audio feeding the Shuttle as well, because this will then show in the Media Express capture window. If it remains blank then check your settings in both Desktop Video Utility and Media Express preferences. Sometimes, when it remains blank, I unplug/replug the Shuttle to wake everything up.

Once you're into Media Express, save your capture project file because you then return to it (and all your settings) another time. Note: you can't mix capture settings in one file. The prefs govern everything to be captured in that batch. If you need to capture & save video files in a different format then you need to start another capture batch. You can share the "capture to" folder location, though.
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