Blank Black Screen (no input detect)

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Zath Erus

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Blank Black Screen (no input detect)

PostSat Oct 07, 2017 1:32 am

Hello! Zath Erus here (sorry for not seeing the "real name" requirement, however, this is, to me, as real as it gets :) )
also, sorry if this is in the wrong place to post this.. I couldn't find a place where "install issues" were discussed..

I have been a BMD product user for years.. I currently own an ATEM TVS and , now three, Intensity pro cards..

I am a SERIOUS content streamer and picked your products for my craft and website content delivery :)

but, I have ran into some interesting "snags" and wondered if there is anything I can do about it.

First off: the encoder machine (get ready to cringe!):

EVGA "Classified" 58SO motherboard (competition type) fitted with an Xeon E7200 CPU
ESI Julia Sound System
OS Windows 7 embedded (on DoM)
8 TB WD R-series drive stroage (for Media)

and, of course, BMD Intensity Pro 4k

I used to have an Intensity Pro (non 4k) but it finally died due to BGA failure (became intermittent) so I had to replace it.

NOT THAT EASY! I ran into many issues including software incompatibility, card overheating and slot placement. And after juggling among different version of Desktop Video installs, a heatsink change and adding of a hefty blower behind the card, it finally runs.. but now I discovered that it will not detect any input!

I tried an experiment whereas I popped windows 10 (demo) on a flash drive and then installed DV 10.9 and then allowed it to "update the firmware" on the Intensity card itself; that FIXED the problem- but as soon as I put it back onto the system, and it then "updated the firmware" again.. it again BROKE the input detection and results in a BLANK BLACK SCREEN.

Before this experiment, I also thought I have damaged the card and ordered a new one.. which is currently "in transit" to be delivered mid this week, but seeing that this issue exists, the NEW card will also NOT WORK either...

The card will NOT detect ANY input- including that from the ATEM TVS!

And the latest version of Desktop Video that will install on Windows 7 is 10.4.3; after that, the digital signatures FAIL and Windows REJECTS it (with other strange error messages)!

So, I either need a way to install the latest version of DV on Windows 7 embedded, or I need a firmware update that makes it comparable with the older DV software!

updating to Windows 10 is out of the question as the machine is an embedded application appliance and is not designed for it.. (Windows 10 isn't embedded/embedable and the constant updates and re-installs every couple of months would destroy the DoM real quick! also I don't have a valid product key for it anyways).

ANY suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


Zath Erus
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Re: Blank Black Screen (no input detect)

PostTue Oct 10, 2017 6:54 pm

Get a Intensity Pro (non 4k) and solve your problem.. :?

The problem you are likely to hit is that you are not able to upgrade to WIN10. While the driver that includes the correct drivers and bug fixes for the 4K card is not supported by Win7. As the 4K card have a complety different FPGA then the old one they are not compatible in anyway.. ;)
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Zath Erus

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Re: Blank Black Screen (no input detect)

PostThu Oct 19, 2017 6:16 am


hi Xtreemtec and thanks for the reply..

Actually, I got it to work, however, not in the way that you would have thought.. I ended up taking a gamble and purchasing another 4k card..

the NEW 4k card 1.. does NOT overheat AT ALL, in fact, I still changed the heatsink and put a blower behind it (sane install as the previous card) and that puppy remains COLD.. 2.. it detects input properly! its also running under Windows 7 and drivers 10.5.4; all modes function and the card is, in fact, operating right now as I write this letter.. I am happy.. though I still had to "eat" the cost of a 4k card.. at least its working and my network is back on the air.

I would like to know WHY that other card FAILED as it did.. and from the forum posts I've read here, mine isn't the only one that has fail catastrophically either.. what does Blackmagic INC have to say on this matter?

have a great day!


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