Supersouce lockup / how to reset in middle of event / no box

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Supersouce lockup / how to reset in middle of event / no box

PostWed Nov 29, 2017 2:47 am

FYI... in an emergency it's possible to 'kinda' use the DVE key as a temporary workaround for a ONE box with background ART layer Supersource 'type' solution.


Oops! Solution found / see bottom of topic message :lol:
Hope this helps others recover from an accident!


Does anyone know any options (besides power cycling the ATEM) when the Supersource engine locks up and no longer responds to ATEM Broadcast Panels or ATEM Software Controls?

Our ATEM Broadcast Panel was working perfectly in setting up several configured Supersource boxes before starting the event broadcast. Supersource boxes were being appearing on the designated multi-view window and displaying in preview / program when called upon.

Trouble was noticed after activated a DVE Key Upstream Key 1 overlay on one of the input channels.

Oh no... Fire Alarm sounds at the remote witness / interview location forcing an evacuation of the remote site. Management needs us to put up a graphic that the BROADCAST PRESENTATION will be delayed until interview participants can return to their Skype location. Decision made to overlay a clock showing current time & a countdown counter estimating time until broadcast re-start.

As I set the SuperSource on PREVIEW to further dial in crop values on next PowerPoint 4:3 image...

I found 'NOTHING' - only black screen regardless of the chosen SSrcFill selection. SUPERSOURCE function had disappeared / multi-window engine controls had locked up.

Picture-in-picture type operations just went dead for the 'LIVE" event. :o

ENABLING / DISABLING any of the boxes had no effect. Individual sources all remained active in their respective channels.

RESETTING the box values for cropping / X-Y location had no effect.

Attempts to change values from the ATEM Broadcast Panels or via the laptop software interface had no effect.

'LIVE' streaming of the broadcast had started... power cycling was not an option.



Figuring support might never believe me... and knowing that problem would probably go away after shutting down the system... I made one last attempt to figure out how to reset the Supersource boxes.

- shutdown the ATEM Software Control application on the laptop
- shutdown the STRATA PRO remote ATEM control application on the iPad (we were running two operators)
- power cycle the ATEM 1 Broadcast Panel
- double check all the box parameters

- double check the ART parameters

HEY! Who set the ART layer as Frgd (foreground)?

ART layer was set to a non-existent channel. Top layer of the Supersource souces became... BLACK just as the ATEM was configured. Nobody noticed in the chaos of the fire alarm that somebody bumped the foreground / background layer selection.

ATEM Supersource never locked up... operator error.
Fantastic training exercise with extra helpings of humility!

Positive note... at least no fire trucks showed up at our originating broadcast site.
Everyone was amazed at what we were able to do to assist in an unexpected moment.
Truly a day the team will never forget.

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