ATEM TVS HD & Hyperdeck Studio Mini Replays

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Grega Podrekar

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ATEM TVS HD & Hyperdeck Studio Mini Replays

PostTue Dec 05, 2017 7:19 pm

I am using ATEM TVS HD for video switching and Hyperdeck Studio Mini for replays. The whole system is controlled with MIDI controller and Powershell scripts. I am happy with the results. I do replays with Hyperdeck since MxLight is not an option any more. Before I had ATEM TVS and it also worked great. With ATEM TVS HD I upgraded the whole system to 108050p which brings me nicer replays.
What I miss is lower quality of recording. Is there any reason that Hyperdeck Studi Mini does not support h264 video? Only ProRes Proxy as a lowest option. I think h264 would make the whole system more responsive. Hyperdeck Studio Mini serves me OK, but I have to be more patient when switching from the recording to play mode. I have Sandisk SD PRO card (95/90), which is not so slow. Would quicker SD card make any difference?
We do live streams of Ice hockey and this weekend we start with U20 Divison 1, Group B world championship. I hope the whole system will be operational during the event (15 games in one week).

Blackmagic please add h264 recording support to Hyperdeck Studi Mini :)

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Evan Vickers

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Re: ATEM TVS HD & Hyperdeck Studio Mini Replays

PostThu Aug 23, 2018 10:29 pm

They did a couple months ago now. But by now you probably know that. :-)

I'm loving it personally.

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