Alternatives to ATEM switcher for multi hdmi live stream?

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Hank Highfill

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Alternatives to ATEM switcher for multi hdmi live stream?

PostMon Dec 11, 2017 2:45 am

Operators: Cameramen + just one person to control switcher + streaming laptop
Hardware: MBP with USB-C
Cameras: 2 HDMI + possibly some SDI in future

I want to be able to apply some lower third graphics and other on the fly generated graphics to my live stream. It seems like this would be difficult to do with the ATEM since it only appears as a single video input to a laptop.

Open Broadcaster, Wirecast, Vmix, etc all make it possible to tie graphics to scene switching with Titler Live/CasparCG.

Is there a better route to go here? Should I just get a bunch of ultra studio mini recorders or Intensity Shuttles?

Markus Leodolter

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Re: Alternatives to ATEM switcher for multi hdmi live stream

PostMon Dec 11, 2017 6:35 pm

I use livestream studio for livestreams up to 3 cameras with a Macbook pro with 2 Thunderbolt-BM-MiniRecorder (HDMI or SDI) and one BM INTENSITy shuttle USB.

You can build any type of graphics directly in Livestream Studio, even picture in picture.

I suppose you even can use vmix for it.

If you need the mixed signal for local usage like a beamer, you get too much delay.

Pavel Lavrov

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Re: Alternatives to ATEM switcher for multi hdmi live stream

PostTue Dec 12, 2017 8:23 pm

Another option could be xSplit, which allows you to do basic mixing...

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Thomas Seewald

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Re: Alternatives to ATEM switcher for multi hdmi live stream

PostWed Dec 13, 2017 11:22 am

There is a Photoshop-plugin, which allows direct writing still graphic into the ATEM media strore. I think, a "nearly on the fly" is possible.

An other way is using only one input (instead of two - key-fill) and do luma key in the DSK or graphics with green background via USK. Luma key I used sometimes (with CasparCG), Choma Key seems to more complicated for switching, so I did't do it. I prefer luma key. This ways, you can use every software for generating or showing your graphics - including PowerPoint, Excel or any WebBrowser. ATEM control has a mask-function. So you can cut away the borders from Windows programs if necessary ;-)

Luma key works fine, if you don't hab the color "black" inside your graphics - so difficult for photos and logos. Same Problem with chroma key and the background color (mostly green or blue).

You can also do a trick: Use a static mask from media store for key and your "single graphics input" for fill. This should work fine for lower thirds. The success depends on the way, you design your graphics. If you have two types of graphics, you may use the two DSKs. When more than two types, you have more "hand work" or use some macros.

When you plan do do animated graphics and simi-transparencies, you will need key and fill and so video cards with two outputs. I this case I would suggest a small Desktop-PC instead of an Laptop.

When using vMix you will also need video cards (for input), but you can send graphics by NDI. I think, CasparCG can do it, but I nerver tried it. Maybe do a try with vMix-Demo-Version.

I use an ATEM TVS and a CaspasCG Desktop-PC with two Blackmagic Mini Monitor (new, but currently not tested, a Decklink 4k pro instead).
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Kevin Copeland

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Re: Alternatives to ATEM switcher for multi hdmi live stream

PostTue Sep 25, 2018 4:12 pm

The simplesupers app lets you use PowerPoint as a cg with alpha channel, key and fill using your computers display outputs.

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