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Nick Paige

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NewBlue Titler

PostWed Jan 03, 2018 3:32 pm

I've been looking to purchase some software for titling and came across NewBlue Titler Pro Live . Wondering if anyone has any experience using this software and if so what do you think of it after using it for a while?. I've been messing around with the trial version and it seems pretty good. We would be looking to use the software for sporting events, meetings, etc.. Anyone have any other recommendations for software that isn't extremely expensive?

We currently have a TV Studio HD, HyperDeck Studio Mini, Web Presenter & a couple converters in a Gator Case for live events (picture below) and would most likely be using a MacBook Pro to run the software.

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David Settlemoir

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Re: NewBlue Titler

PostWed Jan 03, 2018 10:57 pm

I'm also interested in hearing how well NewBlue Titler Pro Live 3 works with ATEM.

I've used Titler Pro since the first version (currently on version 6 ultimate) as a plug-in to my Vegas Pro NLE, and it has had some growing pains - but seems pretty stable on the latest version.

NewBlue has made Titler Pro Live a separate product, and they told me there isn't a cross grade or discount path for current users from one to the other. It almost looks like the only thing missing in the Ultimate version is the live output.


David Hutchinson

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Re: NewBlue Titler

PostSun Jan 07, 2018 1:30 pm

I took a look at New Blue Titler but thought it was limited in use. I cantacted their support to see if they could give SDI output "Fill and Key" and the answer was no.

I eventually settled on Characterworks this works with SDI and NDI out, is extremely versatile and specifically designed for live production. Their support has been excellent and their continuing development regularly adds new features to the programme.

It's slightly more expensive then the NewBlue Live Titler but well worth it for professional streamers.

I use it for live to TV sports and would highly recommend.

Helmer Tallbacka

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Re: NewBlue Titler

PostMon Jan 08, 2018 9:22 am

Is it possible to do something like this in Fusion 9, like they say at the bottom of the page in the broadcast graphics section of the black magic fusion site? I can't find any tutorials about it anywhere, so if you know any forums or tutorials about this I would be really happy if you could link me to those sites. Thanks!
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Re: NewBlue Titler

PostWed Jan 10, 2018 12:35 pm

EDIT: I put a topic in the Fusion forum with this post to open a discussion with Fusion users.
Click here to visit.

Helmer Tallbacka wrote:Is it possible to do something like this in Fusion 9, like they say at the bottom of the page in the broadcast graphics section of the black magic fusion site? I can't find any tutorials about it anywhere, so if you know any forums or tutorials about this I would be really happy if you could link me to those sites. Thanks!

I guess you are talking about this info. Fusion for broadcast graphics.
While Fusion is mainly a compositing tool to make graphics and animations..
I was suprised to see this function..
BMD Website Fusion wrote:Automate Broadcast Graphics

With Fusion, you can write scripts to automate repetitive graphics! You can even update them live and in realtime! For example, you can use a Python or Lua script, along with a simple text document, to automatically create and render updated broadcast graphics, titles and animations with things such as the weather, sport scores, program listings, news headlines and more! Now you can quickly render out up to the minute graphics and get them on air in seconds!


I wonder how to setup such enviroment. As Fusion 9 is free for download. But you need to pay $299 for the Studio version that you need for realtime playback on Decklink cards.
Here is the Compare for Studio player functions. All features can be found at this link

It is an enourmes list of functions. I list a few here from the Studio player that are not supported in the free version but are under Fusion 9 Studio $299
  • Playback of any format support in Fusion including EXR. New
  • Playback via BMD Deck Link and UltraStudio. New
  • Single layer timeline with ability to play a number of shots. New
  • Set the In/Out trim for each shot. New
  • Color format control allows for consistent display of shots from different formats. New
  • Annotation notes can be typed on each clip, version, and project. New
  • Audio, Scratch track and audio per clip. New
  • Collaboration, Multiple Artists can access the same projects different machine. New
  • Remote sync makes multiple Studio Players follow the master, for scrubbing, playing and collaboration around the studio and around the world. New
  • Shot Versions are stored in the same project to allow for quick access to previous work and for comparison of progress. New
  • Guide overlays, customisable to show monitor/title safety and crops. New
  • Scriptable automation tasks using the Fusion scripting engine to control features. New

Wonder if there will be a remote software to trigger playouts with key-fill option. Looks like they are working very hard to integrate this software to have a playback side to run in conjunction with the Atem in some point of time. :)
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Kevin Copeland

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Re: NewBlue Titler

PostMon Oct 15, 2018 10:07 pm

SimpleSupers is an app that gives you key and fill using a windows computer with at least 3 display outputs. It's a plug in to PowerPoint and generates an alpha channel. It works great with the ATEM switchers. I'm using my ASUS ROG laptop with an HDMI output and Mini Display to HDMI output, then HDMI-SDI converters into my ATEM for key and fill. simplesupers dot com. Works great.

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