[ATEM] Problems with CCU of Camera 1

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Ismael Muñoz

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[ATEM] Problems with CCU of Camera 1

PostThu Jan 11, 2018 11:03 am

Hi all.

I have an ATEM 1 M/E Production Switcher system with 3 Blackmagic Studio Cameras connected each one via two BNC to the ATEM (One BNC for the video and the another for the CCU control)

Everything is setted correctly with the 3 cameras, but since a few days ago the CCU of the Camera 1 is giving us problems, there are no connection.

We tried everything, is not a problem of camera or ATEM settings. We found it's a cable issue.

If we connect the Camera 1 to the CCU with a single-long BNC it works perfectly.

But when the cable goes trough one BNC Coupler patch like this it stops working

It's not a problem of the patch because the other connections works perfectly in the same coupler that the CCU1 are.

And when we try to put a single BNC Coupler like this
to unify 2 BNC cables it stops working too.

The cables are working perfectly if I use it for the CCU or VIDEO for Camera 2 or 3, so it's not a problem of the cables neither.

(If I set the Blackmagic Studio Camera 1 like Camera 2 or 3 works perfectly so it's not a issue of that camera)

Im pretty confused of what's going on with this problem , what can I do? Anyone with some ideas?

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Re: [ATEM] Problems with CCU of Camera 1

PostThu Jan 11, 2018 5:04 pm

Which outputs do you use for CCU control or do you have a Distribution amplifier in there?
What cables are you using and what length??

Have you recently updated any firmware?
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Denny Smith

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Re: [ATEM] Problems with CCU of Camera 1

PostFri Jan 12, 2018 2:41 am

Is the BNC barrel connector a true 75 ohm SDI rated connector? BM gear does not play well with some adapters like this.
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Bruce Smith

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Re: [ATEM] Problems with CCU of Camera 1

PostFri Jan 12, 2018 8:56 am

Along the lines of what Xtreemtec and Denny have said,

If its a cheap BNC coupler that is 50ohm or a long cable run with a cheap coupler it will struggle.

You dont mention what resolution you are running the camera / system at but if you are say at 1080p have you tried running at 720p to see if the link through the panel works then?

If you can cope with the cost these - Image

Neutrik couplers are worth having in your tool box for links that are on the edge of working or for long cable runs at 3G


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