hyperdeck weird stop execution delay

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hyperdeck weird stop execution delay

PostSat Feb 03, 2018 9:02 pm


I'm having a strange problem with my hyperdecks. I'm starting and stopping the decks all the time to be able to do a poor mans instant replay. This is done from a piece of custom software via RS-422. The commands are executed well and a normal ack is returned right away. When I'm using my PTZ cameras all commands are executed practically instantaniously. But when I am recording from my JVC GY-HM790 shoulder cameras, there is often (not always) a delay varying from 2 to 6 seconds before the hyperdeck has stopped. You can then already see that the time on the display has stopped running, but the recording light is still on and the hyperdeck is unresponsive until the recording light goes off. I haven't got the strangest clue what might be causing this, and I've tried all kinds of different settings such as remote record trigger, genlock, to no avail. I cannot think of anything that might be causing this.

This doesn't only happen when command from RS-422 but also when pressing stop manually.

I'm running 720p to be able to do slomo on the hyperdecks. I'm running the latest firmware, v5.2.

Has anyone seen this before? I hope someone can help me with this.


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