New 4M/E Broadcast update doesn't save Chroma Key Info?

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New 4M/E Broadcast update doesn't save Chroma Key Info?

PostWed Feb 07, 2018 7:43 pm

Hello everyone,

The other day, I updated our Broadcast 2M/E to the new 4M/E update. I restored our old show and started building some new macros to take advantage of the extra 2M/Es & 12 new keys that I now can use.

Today, when I fired the switcher on and restored my newly updated 4M/E show, two of my chroma keys (key 3 & 4 on M/E1, key 1 on M/E2 & M/E3 specifically) did not retain their chroma information. All of their new chroma adjustments were saved, but the actual hue of green that I had Sampled & then Previewed were not saved.

So I thought: simple, just build a macro that samples & previews the chroma info in Key 3 & 4 so that when you boot up the show, it'll refind the chroma values even if they aren't saved in the show.


The macro did not actually record me sampling & then previewing the chroma color for my M/E1 3rd & 4th key... And the save file of the show does not keep the value... So.

For the life of me I cannot get the ATEM to actually save the chroma value for any keys on any M/Es after a restart. This is pretty obnoxious, and I would rather not have to resample & repreview every single chroma key that I have before every show every day especially considering that every other aspect of the show & keys are saved in the show file. The newly updated chroma options are cool, but they pose as an overall negative if they take away the ability to actually hold chroma information after reboots... These chroma values should either be saved into the show file on the control computer or be able to be saved into a macro to be reloaded after a restart.

Has anyone else had this issue yet or know of a work around? I know it's a fresh new update and honestly I expected a couple of weird quirks like this. Other than that though, the new 4M/E update has more than doubled the power of the Broadcast switcher and makes it an UNBELIEVABLE value for the money.


Ian Morrish

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Re: New 4M/E Broadcast update doesn't save Chroma Key Info?

PostWed Feb 07, 2018 8:25 pm

Possible workaround (I haven't been able to test it yet) is to use Windows PowerShell script to set the values after your ATEM start. ... r-testing/
Let me know if you want to try it and I can write a script to capture the vales to a file (snapshot) and then write them back.
Ian Morrish
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Andrew Martin

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Re: New 4M/E Broadcast update doesn't save Chroma Key Info?

PostThu Feb 08, 2018 8:30 pm

Like every BMD update I always let someone else be the Guinea pigs or beta testers.
I Never rush to update to the newest release.. leaving it at least 4/5 months for them to iron out the bugs. :D

Gary Adams

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Re: New 4M/E Broadcast update doesn't save Chroma Key Info?

PostThu Feb 08, 2018 11:28 pm

Hello Ethan. I ran through some tests on all four ME1 Chroma keys on my unit. I was able to save and restore multiple color setups with the XML. I was also able to "Save The Startup State" so when the switcher powered up all four keyers recovered those key settings. I was also able to make a macro to set and change all four key settings. Note if the key is on the air, chroma key values cannot be changed live which could confuse things. Some ideas. When saving the startup state, give the switcher a short period of time like 15-30 seconds before shutting down. When creating macros, it is necessary to make sure the Chroma Sample is enabled and the adjustment is moved or the value will not be recorded. I realize there is a lot to this so maybe I am missing something you are doing that I could replicate. I looked at the XML files and the sample values are recorded there. I hope there is something here that will help. It is new to all of us for sure.

I forgot to mention. After power up, the software pallet for the keyer does show the reset green color which may lead to the problem. However, the keyer does have the actual setting. If you enable the Sample Chroma button, you will see the stored value. You would only see the color if the image is in place that the key is based.

Regards, Gary
Gary Adams
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Re: New 4M/E Broadcast update doesn't save Chroma Key Info?

PostFri Feb 09, 2018 3:22 pm

What's new in the quality of advanced keying vs standard.
Especially "black" areas. In standard version i have very noisy effect in "black" and in shadows.
Please show some exmples vs old.

In 7.3 is bug with camera settings, a cant set 0db on BMSC4K via software panel,
-6 ok, 0db jumps to 6db .....

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