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PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:42 pm
by Doug Johnson
I've been shooting (live switching actually) in a recording studio a lot recently, and we're trying to figure out a way to integrate timecode from my ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K switcher into the audio recordings. And if that isn't easy, at least give the recording engineer a screen where he can see timecode and manually mark his files so it's easier to match the recordings with the video later on.

As mentioned, my ATEM switcher is generating timecode and is outputting it over the SDI outputs, and I can see that timecode when recording on my HyperDeck recorders, but I can't seem to find anything else that will display it. Or convert it to something that Pro Tools can recognize.

(Oddly, I used to see timecode on my Teranex Mini converters with the LCD display option, but that doesn't seem to work any longer.)

I read somewhere else on the forums that the timecode jacks on the switcher don't do anything. Is that actually true?


Re: Timecode?

PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:02 pm
by Howard Roll
The switcher should be giving you 2 flavors of TC output. RP188 over SDI and SMPTE/LTC from the XLR output. If you want to test the output of the XLR just plug it into a mixer, if the sound makes you want to rip your ears out, that's SMPTE.

Getting RP188 into ProTools is going to depend on the hardware IO, you may need a device that will convert RP188 to LTC. If your engineer can't get LTC into ProTools it's time to look for another engineer.

Re: Timecode?

PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:47 pm
by Doug Johnson
Thanks, Howard! I'll take the time to test the timecode output on my switcher. (It's buried and takes about 15 minutes of disassembly to get to it.)

Does anyone happen to know why my Teranex devices no longer recognize timecode over SDI from my switcher?

Re: Timecode?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:19 pm
by videokadr
You must to used deembeder BM 12G SDI to audio to take TC. And then you must conectet cable XLR from dembedder from out with TC to your audio input TC in audio recorder

Re: Timecode?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:12 pm
by Doug Johnson
For anyone following this topic, here's what I've discovered...

I'm passing video from my switcher to a BMD Studio Converter 2, and then sending the video over fiber into the facility, where it is converted back to SDI. Based on my testing, it looks like the timecode is stripped from the SDI signal by the Studio Converter, as it does appear on the input, but not on the fiber outputs.

To verify that it is the Studio Converter doing this, I also tried using an Optical Fiber converter, and it passes timecode just fine.

In other words, there won't be a way for me to convert to LTC inside the facility as long as I used the Studio Converter to do the fiber conversion.

I've contacted BMD support and am awaiting a response.

Re: Timecode?

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:43 pm
by Bob Baker
can you tell me how the switcher generates timecode? Where in the settings can you set the clock for example? I've been using Ambient Timecode Nanolockits to generate and distribute TC on my 4k 4M/E fro about a year now

Re: Timecode?

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:57 pm
by Doug Johnson
It's a Free Run timecode that starts automatically when the switcher is powered on, or the video format is changed. You can't set the start value -- it always starts at 0:00;00 or 0:00;02.

Re: Timecode?

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:18 pm
by Gary Adams
FYI. The ATEM 1M/E 4K and the 2/4 M/E switchers generate time code from power up. The 2/4 M/E switchers are capable of locking to external LTC.

Regards, Gary