Web presenter no sound but Teranex bars play

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Web presenter no sound but Teranex bars play

PostTue Feb 13, 2018 9:02 pm

The BM Web presenter and BM HDMI to SDI can relate sound and video from my Nikon D3300 with a Rode mic to the vdu, but not to OBS on either of my i7 pc's running win7 pro, or my win7 laptop. Even with taking out the converter and just using direct hdmi. Although I can plugin the logitech hd usb webcam and use that for sound ...so bars flash on vdu not in OBS, not directly to the websites I tried either.

I'd imagine it was some archaic win7 thing but another user posted here he got it to work on his win7 but not win 10, admittedly win7 isn't in the min spec, but BM Resolve Studio isn't either and that works fine.

Nevertheless a brand new machine is on the way, it will be dedicated to this 'BM Web Presenter', the question is, what operating system, win 7 or 10, will get this thing to work, many questions about the sound around, especially for win7, but not very many answers to the problem.

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