Mini Recorder Audio Delay And Glitchy Image

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Mini Recorder Audio Delay And Glitchy Image

PostWed Feb 21, 2018 8:39 pm

I'm encountering an audio delay and glitchy image that I can't seem to figure out. Our live feed runs via HD-SDI into an AJA HD10MD3 HD to SD Downconverter which then runs into a BlackMagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder via HD-SDI and into an iMac (OS Sierra) via thunderbolt running ProPresenter. This is then distributed to all of our lobby monitors.

It's has been working fine until last week, as we began streaming, we discovered the audio was delayed and that the lower 1/4 of the image was refreshing with lines scrolling downward, making the image glitchy at the bottom. The preview window in ProPresenter is also showing the refreshing and the audio delay.

I've tried everything I know to no avail:
- replaced the mini recorder
- replaced the BNC cable
- switched outputs on the AJA device
- connected the mini recorder (still connected to our setup) to my laptop and got the same result
- tested different settings in the Desktop Video app
- updated ProPresenter, the mini recorder to latest update, and the iMac to Sierra (will do High Sierra once I'm sure it will play nicely with current software on iMac)

The monitors connected to the other AJA outputs are workstation displays and have no speakers, but the image is perfect.

I wasn't around when the original install was done. I inherited this and am constantly learning more about it. Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: Mini Recorder Audio Delay And Glitchy Image

PostThu Feb 22, 2018 11:16 am

Is the audio coming in over the camera feed ? if not and is following a different path, ie running through a mixer board and then into the the pc I'm not surprised it's delayed. Balancing audio and video when they both follow different paths to the same final destination is always great fun to set up correctly. And given ur feeding via a converter, any conversion is going to futhur delay the video path. Try grabbing the feed without the converter if you can.

Also look at the pc if you've recently updated anything on it or if it has auto updated itself there could be issues there with a new 'something' hogging processor resources etc. You mentioned updating propresenter try running back to the previous one as originally used ??
Keep the driver's updated . to combat any os updates or software updates etc etc. is Def. a good thing as you are doing.
I am slowly coming around to the idea of software production i can see its advantages,, butis is why I always prefer a hardware device .. one device to do one job .. and usually do it well over a continuously moving set of goal posts as the pc auto updates etc :D


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