Live Streaming a video chat

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Live Streaming a video chat

PostWed Feb 21, 2018 8:57 pm

Hi all,

I am completely new to live streaming and need some guidance. I have 2 sports analysts at their homes (different locations) set up with pro camcorder, mic, lights, etc. I want to be able to have them both live streamed (to youtube) talking to each other about sports. It looks like my solution is to have them video chat (skype or google chat) and then live stream a screen capture of the video chat. I would be at a 3rd, separate location. What all do I need to accomplish this?

I was thinking of using OBS since I know about it from Twitch but unsure if it will work for what I need. I have looked into blackmagic's web presenter but I am so new to this I am not sure if I need it, or if both analysts need them, or both? Maybe they us a simpler/cheaper capture card and I use the BM WP?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :D

Andrew Martin

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Re: Live Streaming a video chat

PostThu Feb 22, 2018 10:47 am

You'll have some fun with this as it's somewhat similar to a show we do..

Firstly look into zoom or web rtc as alternatives to Skype ... Skype have a business division and want you to use their services not the home service for what ur wanting to do .. so make constant changes to keep your video hardware off of Skype home vers.

Grabbing ur 2 talents will be simple run the "Skype" program at full screen and feed into ur capture card. But do you want both on a parallel screen or do you want to cut to one or the other if So you'll need two pcs for that. Simple... Until you need them to see and hear one another so now you'll need to feed each of them the others video and audio you can't feed them ur stream output because it'll be delayed and they'll hear their own audio back when talking and with added delay. So along with each others video feed you now need to send a mix-minus of audio to one another so they don't feed back their own audio.

As to hardware if grabbing a pc screen you'll need something with an hdmi input so either a deck link minirecorder card for each source which can then be used by OBS etc as a source. or consider putting an Atem TVS HD in place and connect the PC's to it. That way you can have a 'live' switched program to stream out. Also the HD model has outputs that allow you to handle the return video and mixminus audio. So a feed from each port back into the 'skype' pcs fitted with a minirecorder card will make return video to the two talent ops easier via 'skype'

Whichever way you do it it will definitely take a lot of trial and error to master it.. actually we've been doing this 'show' for a few yrs now and I still don't think we've master it ... As it tends to fight back on some occasions :lol:

Andrew Martin

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Re: Live Streaming a video chat

PostThu Feb 22, 2018 12:11 pm

I've been pondering this over the last hr thinking if I was just starting out how would I do this. Giving what I know now and certainly didn't back when.

Forget hardware (that's a brave statement) purchase a copy of vmix. $60
Set up a webrtc page (or Skype) and have every one including you connect through it.
Grab the RTC page in vmix using desktop capture (or ndi if it's on another pc) as a source.
Duplicate this source two more times.
Edit the first copy to enlarge and frame ur first host. Edit the 2nd copy to enlarge and frame ur 2nd host
You now have 3 sources in vmix which you can switch to. Hopefully the hosts will be sending you an hd image so the upscaling doesn't look to bad. Beaware on a low bandwidth feed Skype will automatically lower the resolution of that feed.

(You get upto 4 live sources on the $60 vers. so you could use the 4th source to play out videos, images etc.) And one overlay for screen bugs, logos titles etc.
Everyone in the RTC page will hear one another. You just need to mute ur audio so you don't inadvertently grab the scene.
Stream out to ur destination using vmix or send out to obs on another machine if this one is starting to bog down.
Simplest setup I can thik of and cheapest also :lol:


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