Ethernet option

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Kevin McGrath

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Ethernet option

PostFri Feb 23, 2018 2:20 am

With all the internet connections out there for all our Blackmagic equipment I have run into a little concern
I am not the tech savvy Ethernet gurus
But what kind of routers are some people using wifi and network switch
Right now I have just a basic 8 Input switch with no wifi

Studio control
2 laptops
2 Panasonic cameras aw he 60

Right now I don’t run wifi just because I have not had a lot of luck trying to connect my iPad or Panasonic camera via wifi
I did try to run the cameras using a wifi extenders (just for control of the ptz aw he60 )
It does work sometimes. But not 100%
So I am looking for suggestions and solutions that people have run into
Plus I have no idea on how to setup a network switch PROPERLY so it I should all configured correctly

Thanks in advance
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Re: Ethernet option

PostFri Feb 23, 2018 1:36 pm

If no real experience in setting up networks you should consult a IT specialist..

Controlling the Atem from Wifi is a problem child..
That your Ipad was not able to connect would probabbly be due too not having DHCP on your network (that thing that adresses the IP's to all clients connecting..)

Or DHCP range different from camera / Atem range.. As there is so much hardware that all have differnt menu's a bit extended knowlage about networks and configuration is requered.. ;)
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