Hyperdeck 12G Feedback issues

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Hyperdeck 12G Feedback issues

PostSun Feb 25, 2018 4:41 am

I have a ATEM 2m/e, an ultrastudio, and 4 hyperdeck 12G's in my new setup. I record at 2160 24fps. My issue is with the hyperdecks. If I input a signal from my ATEM, I can record without problem. However, in my situation I want to output the signal from the hyperdeck back to the ATEM for playback monitoring purposes.

When I tried this I found the following:

(1) Anytime input and output cables were plugged into the ATEM simultaneously and I pressed the input button on the front panel I found that the hyperdeck would begin to feedback. The feedback would start sometimes immediately or sometimes after a few seconds—it was a low hum that would start to squeal. If removed the output cable or deactivated the input button the noise would immediately stop. Despite this behavior the ATEM would display the signal from the hyperdeck.

(2) This behavior only held true if the output cable was plugged into one of the loop out/out 1/out 2 ports. The feedback would not be present when I plugged the output cable in the monitor out port. But the monitor out port appears to have a default video setting which is not the same as the input signal—so no signal on my ATEM!

This NOT an audio feedback issue. The feedback happens on ALL my hyperdecks 12Gs whether they have a live input source or not—just the mere fact that input and output cables are plugged in simultaneously creates the hum. I have swapped my cables. No change. I thought it might be an interference issue with powercords—but the situation does not change even with just the ATEM and hyperdeck in my setup.

What am I doing wrong? Is plugging the output back into the ATEM somehow not correct? If so, how can I monitor my hyperdecks without a dedicated monitor for each hyperdeck?

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