Web Presenter Set-Up Questions

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Reed Joel

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Web Presenter Set-Up Questions

PostSat Mar 03, 2018 11:08 pm

I am planning to purchase a BM Web Presenter and a dedicated computer using OBS software to live-stream video of yoga and meditation seminars on Youtube and possibly Vimeo.

Any feedback, guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Very simple set-up. Audio via XLR from mixer. Video via HDMI from camera. A second camera via SD port.

Here my 2 vital questions:

What is the minimum CPU speed on the computer required to get professional video streams?
I was told ICore 7 Quad by B and H.

Are the audio sync issues withe the Web Presenter resolved?

Thanks so much for your response-

Tim Douglas

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Re: Web Presenter Set-Up Questions

PostTue Mar 06, 2018 6:43 pm

Hi, I'm no expert but I try to answer questions with no response and I have a Web Presenter, so I'll draw from my experience.

This straightforward setup should work fine. The 2 cameras need to match framerate and resolution and if you're using a converter, check that it will work with BMD hardware.

The usual recommended minimum hardware doesn't apply since the Web Presenter compresses the video to equal or even less than the average webcam today, the PC should be doing hardly any work.

More is always better and the professional stance would always be prepare for the worst, but any Skype capable computer should be able to stream with the Web Presenter assuming you have the OBS settings right.

Since the WP compresses the video for you, YOU MUST change your OBS settings to make sure it doesn't re-compress your video on-the-fly (which it does by default), it will only waste your CPU resources and drop about half of your frames.
Check the OBS manual for how to reduce processing as much as possible and start from the lowest setting. Only increase it if you have issues, but the video from the WP should be good to go.

My sound sync issues were totally resolved with the updates, but there is still talk about it online sometimes. I would guess user error, but I can't really say. You can bring in the audio separately and add a delay in OBS to compensate in the worst case scenario.

OBS sometimes doesn't pick up the WP audio at all, you just need to restart the WP and OBS (I'm not sure where the fault lies on that one.) Once it has it, it won't lose it.

Reed Joel

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Re: Web Presenter Set-Up Questions

PostTue Mar 06, 2018 7:14 pm

Thank you Tim.

Wayne Rutherford

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Re: Web Presenter Set-Up Questions

PostTue Mar 06, 2018 9:54 pm

I am using OBS with my Web Presenter on Macbook Pro.
My MBP is 13 inch 2.4 i5 8G ram.
I do hard wire my ethernet. No problems here with the i5 keeping up.
Most of the time 0 dropped frames. Audio is close but I now run 250ms delay and it seems very close.
That said the church is about to purchase a dedicated laptop so I am planning to get a MBP 15" i7.
May purchase a clean Mid 2012 to get the ethernet connector instead of the thunderbolt-ethernet adapter.

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