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Hyperdeck Studio Mini - Production Studio 4K Audio Sync

PostPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:21 am
by James Griffin
I know PART of what I did wrong so please read entire post and help with the big picture :D

3 Cameras connecting to 3 Hyperdeck Studio Mini Recorders via SDI

Output of 3 Studio Minis connect to Production Studio 4K via SDI

Output of Production Studio 4K connects to a 4th Studio Mini via SDI for the switched output.
The goal was to have 3 separate cameras along with the line cut for editing.

Problem # 1. Yes, realize I should have split camera out SDI feeds so that the ATEM is getting a LIVE signal, rather than delayed signal from the Studio Minis. Each individual camera's audio and video are in sync, but the switched output is waaaaay off.

Problem # 2 This gets weird. Working with the line cut (switched output) I thought I could just separate audio and video in Premiere Pro timeline and sync them. I did, and it works for a very short time, then they are again out of sync. The time difference between the audio and video is not constant. It varies quite a bit over time. Any ideas here?

Problem # 3 The video on one camera drops lots of frames and is very jerky. The beginning and end of the program is there, but the 1 hour program gives me a 40 minute file. Is this perhaps a bad SDXC card? Something else??

I've used this set up lots of times with the same set up as this and none of these 3 problems happened.