Remote focus and zoom control on Micro Studio Camera 4K

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Remote focus and zoom control on Micro Studio Camera 4K

PostTue Mar 13, 2018 9:55 pm


I'm trying to find a solution on remotely controlling four Micro Studio Camera 4K cameras in our preforming arts center.

My concern is how to do this simply as any SDI sends and returns will have to go through our video patch so we can get video signal in our For.A HVS 350HS switcher which is in a room separate from the theater area.

Has anyone had great results with any of the Skaarhoj PTZ units?


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Re: Remote focus and zoom control on Micro Studio Camera 4K

PostTue Mar 13, 2018 11:02 pm

We have several of the Skaarhoj controllers in use (and use them to control some MicroStudio cams amongst others). They are great and incredibly flexible as you can program them in whatever way you need and they support a bunch of different hardware. (i.E.: With the same Skaarhoj controller we can control a BM Micro Studio and a Sony PTZ)

For your case, since you are not using an ATEM switcher, you might want to look at the Skaarhoj controllers that have an SDI shield (it's an upgrade option for several of their controllers). Theoretically you could control all 4 cameras with one controller if you split the SDI signal to all 4 MicroStudio cams (with a simple splitter or through your video patch). If running SDI cables between rooms is an issue, look for their ETH-SDI Link IO units.
This way you could have that SDI shield box in the theatre, attach a 4xSDI splitter and only run the SDI cables from there (the controller in the other room would be connected to the SDI shield box per LAN).

You might want to shoot an email to the guys at Skaarhoj or wait the two or three weeks until NAB. I believe they will have new stuff coming that could be useful for you. :)


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