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ATEM with multi screen

PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2018 1:58 pm
by scottmlandry
Looking for some help with routing etc...

In our auditorium, we have a 3 screen format.
We are trying to operate with an image/video with lyrics (via pro presenter with an IMAC) and then we have two Blackmagic studio cameras that we use at times for IMAG,
What we are wanting to do is be able to switch between IMAG on the two side screens or have the same image on all the screens.

We have an ATEM Studio
Two Blackmagic cameras
Three projectors

I have been told, but am wanting some help confirming this and how to route...
1) That we should get a ultrastudio 4k to connect propresenter
2) That we should get a 12x12 video hub for routing.

How would we connect these?
How would we control the switching in the live setting between IMAG and slides etc.

Thanks for any help!

Re: ATEM with multi screen

PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2018 2:56 am
by Ryan Boni
Scott, I'm a little unclear on a couple of things:

1. Is the center screen just ProPresenter full screen with images and lyrics or is to have the lyrics superimposed over the IMAG images?

2. When you mention the ATEM Studio, unfortunately, there have been a few variations. Are you talking about a current one that has an Aux Out on it? The Aux Out will be the key to making this very easy.

If the ProPresenter is full screen, then you would just need to feed it into the TV Studio (getting a converter from Thunderbolt/Mini-Display Port or USB-C to HDMI or even SDI).

Then run the 2 cameras into the switcher.

Use the Aux Out to feed the center screen with the ProPresenter input all the time.
Then switch the cameras and ProPresenter for the side screens by feeding them the Program Output (preferably into a distribution amp, unless your ATEM Studio has multiple program outs and you aren't recording). Assuming your projectors are HDMI and far away from your switcher, you'd want to use the SDI output(s) and convert them to HDMI by the projectors. When you switch to the ProPresenter input, then all 3 screens will have the same thing.

The Ultrastudio is unnecessary unless you want to key the lyrics over the IMAG images AND you want to maintain some transparency in those graphics using the Alpha channel. If they are simple graphics - like white lyrics over a black background - then you can just do a luminance key, no need to mess with the Alpha channel.

Using a Videohub is unnecessary, as long as you have an Aux Out, since it will allow you to send 2 different outputs - 1 to the center screen and 1 to the side screens.

Re: ATEM with multi screen

PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2018 3:11 am
by Ryan Boni
I should make the usual caveat that you've got to get the IMAC and the cameras to have matching frame rates and sizes before they get into the switcher.

If you can't get the IMAC to match the camera outputs (or vice versa), then I highly suggest you purchase what will become your new best friend: a Decimator MD-HX.

(Blackmagic also makes an UpDownCross if you like dipswitches or making adjustments using a computer - but the little screen on the Decimator is a lifesaver when you're trying to make quick changes, troubleshoot during a live event, or just to get confirmation that you're getting a signal into it.)