Video from Hyperdeck Mini Studio Skips on playback.

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Video from Hyperdeck Mini Studio Skips on playback.

PostTue Jun 12, 2018 3:27 pm

Video jumps, as if the recording frame rate was very low during recording and is now playing back fast. This was recorded to an SD card on Blackmagic Hyperdeck Mini Studio. My initial guess is a faulty card, but that's only a guess. The audio stays the same, so it's out of sync for the rest of the clip. The video glitch happens a number of times throughout the clip so it's not practical to manually re-sync audio each time. Looks like I can't use that camera in post.

The total time of this program is 69 minutes on other cameras. This file is 40 minutes.

Any ideas on what happened?

And I guess there is no way to correct during post?

Clip is on Dropbox for review ... h.mp4?dl=0

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