ATEM Television Studio HD Pro Camera Issue

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ATEM Television Studio HD Pro Camera Issue

PostWed Aug 08, 2018 4:45 pm

Hi Guys ,

At my venue we recently acquired a ATEM Tele Studio HDPro , this was to replace our old Roland LVS/MVS-12 System which we use for live camera feeds.

When I started up the ATEM and plugged in the existing cameras we had no input or output ? I've tried changing some sort of resolution on the desk but still no luck ? Am I right in thinking the cameras we currently have are too old for the ATEM to detect ?

The only bits of information I have on the cameras are the following -
EverFocus - EPTZ100 .. 520 TVL

We also did recently aquire - Anbvision Auto Tracking 960H 30x Zoom 1200TVL PTZ (Still couldn't seem to get it working)

Im not very clued up on ATEM or comparability , the Atem was simply just given to us as a replacement with no thought of camera compatibility.

Any help would be really grateful and any more information needed just ask ... Unsure what else to include on this email.

Thanks Guys,

Adam Grunseth

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Re: ATEM Television Studio HD Pro Camera Issue

PostWed Aug 08, 2018 6:35 pm

The Roland LVS/MVS-12 is a standard definition switcher with composite inputs. The ATEM Television studio is SDI/HDMI switcher.

If you simply connected the same cables from the cameras that fed your Roland switcher to the ATEM this won't work, as you would be connecting a composite video signal to an SDI device. You would have to use something like the Blackmagic Analog to SDI mini converter to make this work.

Denny Smith

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Re: ATEM Television Studio HD Pro Camera Issue

PostThu Aug 09, 2018 4:54 am

Yes, your old equipment is all analog, and the BM ATEM switcher is digital. You either need to upgrade to digital cameras or use analog to digital Converters.
Denny Smith
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