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Shut down

PostSun Sep 02, 2018 7:18 pm

I have an Asus motherboard, 3 SSD 1TB cards, (one is the main drive), 32 G of RAM, and 850 W power system with a 2G Nvidia Quadro 4 GPU. I installed the Intenxsity Pro last night and also VMIX studio editing software. At first the computer ran fine. But after plugging in two HDMI high speed cables, and connecting my camera, the computer shut down. about 30 seconds later it tried to start up but no sign of booting up on my monitor, then after about 1 minute it shut down again, then restarted and did this a few times before I shut it down. I was worried the power supply was being over tasked and did not want to fry my computer. I unplugged the Intensity card and waited a few minutes. Then restarted without the card installed and the computer booted up fine. I have not tried to re-install the card for concern I will fry my system. One note, when firing up VMIX, I did not see the Intensity I/O as an option on the selection menu. My Sony 4K camera could not link up with V-Mix. I also noted that the audio bars on VMIX were not visible. I did not install any drivers and did not note any driver downloads on the Black Magic website for the card so I assumed there is none. OK, anyone... what am I doing wrong? Am I over tasking the power supply or is this a firmware/driver issue? What is on the SD card supplied with the Intensity Pro? I do not yet have a micro chip reader. ???? Any help?
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Re: Shut down

PostTue Sep 04, 2018 7:05 pm

Install the driver !! :? Because without it.. the card will generate some interrupt at the point of inserting your camera to the card. And your pc is not able to handle the interrupt because he doesn't know what it is....

Download Desktop video. This is the software application for configuring your card, and also will install the drivers and prompt for Firmware updates if needed.. ;)
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