Video assist 7" problems

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Video assist 7" problems

PostWed Sep 05, 2018 12:33 am

I have 3 video assist.
Previously the inputs and outputs worked at all resolution except 1080i60, (not 59.94) which would record and display on screen, but not output a signal out of HDMI output.
(Yes. I know 1080i60 is not proper video frame rate, but it is listed as being supported)
(Scenario is laptop output to video assist. Video assist output to projector, so I can record PowerPoint presentation)

So...I updated the firmware to current firmware, now the output works at 1080i60.
But it seems when one problem is fixed another is created.
Now all 3 only display black screen when input 1080i50.
All other resolution works well.

They detect the signal as 1080i50, but only display black.
When I plug the same signal via SDI into an atem 1me 4k, or original atem TVS, or atomos samurai, the signal is fine. But video assist shows only black.

Same problem on all 3 units.
Even if I loop the output from atomos samurai, which is working, video assist shows black.

Oh, and cable is Belden 1505a with 1505abhd1 Belden connectors. Doesn't matter if cable is 2m or 80m.

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Re: Video assist 7" problems

PostWed Sep 05, 2018 6:18 pm

Is the pc outputting interlaced? I'd expect it to be Progressive ?
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Re: Video assist 7" problems

PostWed Sep 05, 2018 7:56 pm

Shoot a ticket to BMD support. That would be the fastest way to get this sorted and bug fixed if there is a bug in the software..
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