Atem 1 not recognising SDI-HDMI mini-converter

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Atem 1 not recognising SDI-HDMI mini-converter

PostWed May 15, 2013 2:51 pm

I have been trying to search other posts for this problem but have not seen anything.

I have a mini-converter SDI-HDMI which I wanted to use to convert an SDI output from Decklink SDI card into HDMI for input into the switcher. This frees up all the 4 SDI inputs for my cameras.

However, it is not working in this instance and I am not sure why. If I plug the SDI cable directly into an SDI input it works fine, but if I plug the SDI cable into the converter and the HDMI into the computer it doesn't work. I tested the converter directly into monitors and it seems to be working, just not with the ATEM 1.

Has anyone had this issue?

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