Audio Low via XLR BMD Studio 4K2

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Audio Low via XLR BMD Studio 4K2

PostWed Dec 05, 2018 1:02 pm

We recently started using the Studio 4K2 in our recording studio, but usually, rely on audio going into the ATEM (XLR) directly via cordless microphones. However, in a recent recording we used the XLR input (with phantom power on) directly on the Studio 4K2.

The audio was set correctly as well as levels were pushed above 80% on the camera, but it was still extremely low when it reached the Hyperdeck. The earphones and preview had great audio. It seems that we might have a setting wrong somewhere either on the camera or on the ATEM which 'dimms' the audio. We have turned up the gain on the ATEM and camera, yet the only audio that increases is on the earphones and preview, but the programme is still extremely low.

Perhaps someone else experienced this or has an idea where we went wrong. We have tested an alternative microphone as well as cable.

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