Using ATEM with Panasonic Camera

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Using ATEM with Panasonic Camera

PostThu Jan 17, 2019 8:02 am

I have Panasonic HC-WXF995 camera, can i use ATEM Television Studio for live production with these cameras?

Denny Smith

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Re: Using ATEM with Panasonic Camera

PostThu Jan 17, 2019 7:35 pm

While it technically is possible, not sure why you would want to choose this lower end consumer camera.
It is a HDMI out, so using this will depend on which ATEM you choose.

The new ATEM HD has four HDMI inputs, but you are going to be limited to a 15-feet, or less, cable length. To use a long cable run, you will need to get a HDMI to SDI Converter as use the in if the SDI inputs in the ATEM.

Another issue is getting the images to match, as their is no way to control color balance or shading via the ATEM with these cameras. I tried to use small Panasonic HD camcorders in a ,ive switchiysitustion, and ended up replacing them with Broadcast type cameras, as getting them to match color balance and image look, was next to impossible, even though they were the same model camera.

You might want to look at using the BM Micro Studio Cameras instead. They have SDI in and outs, can be controlled by the ATEM and are designed for live switching applications. They take a variety of MFT lenses as well as adapted lenses.
Denny Smith
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David Cox

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Re: Using ATEM with Panasonic Camera

PostSat Jan 19, 2019 8:28 pm

Hi today I managed to run both Panasonic HC X920 and the 970's which are much earlier cameras, on the ATEM HD. Hope that helps.You have no control of the camera, ATEM is for switching.
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Thomas Seewald

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Re: Using ATEM with Panasonic Camera

PostThu Jan 24, 2019 8:07 am

You can use every camera, when the technical output fits to the ATEM settings.
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