DeckLink Quad 2, is that hardware or software problem

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DeckLink Quad 2, is that hardware or software problem

PostFri Feb 08, 2019 6:36 am

Hi all
I'm trying to determine what's causing the strange problem I had the other day.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions and advises.

We're using plenty of BlackMagic and other gear for live streaming different events.
The heart of our system is PC, equipped with DeckLink Quad 2 card and VMIX software.
The other day we were streaming sports event and all of a sudden the highlight repeater of the VMIX started sending error messages and there was no way to stop it or use the repeater in any way. I was too stressed to care about the message, as I had to start our backup system, but I think there was something about inputs in the message. Still, there was no problem with the inputs - all the cameras were going properly into the Decklink card and then into VMIx. There was no problem using any of the cameras or any other function in VMIX, only the repeater has failed.
I know that is no VMIX support forum, but I'm sharing all details, as I think my problem has something to do with the DeckLink card.
We're using this system around 8 months already and never had that problem before.
The same evening, few things happened before the error. (I wonder if some of them could cause the problem).
- I disconnected 2 cameras to switch their inputs (they were going into wrong inputs and although it was ok to view and switch them, it was hard for the director to work like that)
- The highlight repeater was set to work with 4 cameras for previous event (including those 2 cameras I disconnected). During the streaming, I stopped recording of the repeater and removed the extra camera I didn't need for that event.

When the problem appeared and I couldn't fix it inside VMIX, I run the backup system (all cameras go to ATEM switcher and then straight to streaming encoder). Then I tried restarting VMIX, it didn't help. Then I checked Desktop Video app, that helps me see and set the inputs for the decklink. Although the app was showing all 8 connectors, some of them were not receiving signal (although everything was connected). Only one thing to do - I restarted the PC. Then I saw the same problem - some of the inputs didn't see any signal. I read before about issues with one of the fans of the Decklink, but that's not the issue here - both fans were spinning properly and recently I cleaned inside the PC, using air compressor. I shut down the PC, disconnected and connected again all DIN cables to the decklink, then I run the PC again. I think my DIN cables are very good, but...I don't know. This time, when Windows OS started, the decklink app was working properly and all inputs was showing proper connection and signal. I started VMIX and everything was working fine till trhe rest of the event (4 more hours).

There is one more thing. The camera cables are not going straight into the deckink, First every cable goes into BMD SDI to HDMI converter (used for reclocking) and then the signal goes to Decklink. I only disconnected the camera cables from the converter inputs.
Am I right to think, that in case there is no input connection, the converter still sends some sort of sync signal on its output (and then to decklink) ?

Yesterday I tried to simulate the same conditions, to see if the problem was from anything I did (connecting, disconnecting, changing VMIX settings, etc). Everything was working fine. No error messages.

p.s. I was using Desktop Video 10.11 for a while. Yesterday, after I finished experimenting, I updated to Desktop Video 10.11.4.
Still, I don't think the app was causing the troubles, as I didn't have that problem before

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