3rd part intercom system integration

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3rd part intercom system integration

PostMon Feb 18, 2019 2:06 pm

Hello everybody,

I'm kind of confuse :

I have 4 URSA MINI PRO with Studio Fiber converter, CCU and an ATEM 2M/E switcher.

The built in intercom system (SDI 15 & 16) are working really really well. But as soon as I mix it with AltaÏr intercom system via an analog mixer, It goes wild.
I have issue with entry level, buzzing and re-entry problem with control room for the director.
Appart, both the system working really well.

This config' was a try before finding a better solution.

So my question is : Does someone found a miracle solution to make work BM intercom with 3rd part system ?

Also I need to say that I need a solution that not cost me one of my organs please.

Maxime Humbert

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