Decklink Duo 2 Configuration #2

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Decklink Duo 2 Configuration #2

PostMon Feb 18, 2019 10:49 pm

Hi. I had posed this question a few months ago than back-shelved my project. Prior to stopping working on my video project I had this setup working as a test a few months ago with no issues.

Finally got approval from our church to go full scale with video/live stream, ready for
full production and now it will not work. Same as before, I have a Canon Vixia HF R800 camera (running 1920x1080p60). HDMI cable to Blackmagic HDMI to SDI Micro converter, Converter running SDI cable to Decklink Duo2. 1920x1080p60. All 4 connections on Duo2 are set to 1080p60 via Blackmagic Video Setup program. Media express is not seeing anything on any of the 4 connections. Have switched SDI input across all 4 connections and nothing. Tried 1080p59.94 as well as other settings on both Media express and Duo2 and nothing. Getting really frustrating.

Then all of the sudden I get video and audio trying 1080p59.54 on Media Express. Next problem is VMIX does not like any configuration I try. It was getting late. Thinking I was making some progress and all is well. That was until I shutdown last night and try to restart this morning. Nothing working again. No video, no sound.

Trying to get this setup to work with VMIX. I worked during trial run last September and now no matter what I try I get nothing. Any suggestions?

Kevin Copeland

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Re: Decklink Duo 2 Configuration #2

PostTue Feb 19, 2019 8:56 pm

Are you Windows or Mac?

I had a similar problem with Windows last year I think. There were several Windows updates that caused a lot of problems. When the updates got worked out, I re-installed the BMD software and it began to work. I was using it with Wirecast. 1080/59.94. I had a lot of trouble with dropped frames. Streaming and recording was not smooth. I was using a super fast Dell Alienware Area 51. I've never had good luck streaming/recording on a computer.

I ended up going with an ATEM 2 M/E, Teradek VidiU Pro for streaming, HyperDeck Studio Mini for recording and playback, PowerPoint with the app for live animated titles and lower thirds.

I used Wirecast's Rendezvous on another machine to bring in guests from the web. I had to send video (intensity shuttle) and audio (mix minus from my Mackie) to that machine so the guest could see the Line Cut from the ATEM. I actually sent him a Multiview so he could see all the cameras and PGM. That worked well when I got all the bugs worked out.

Most likely it's a system problem conflicting with the Duo. Get the system updated and then the Duo. You may have to also un-install other programs that may be conflicting like other capture software.

Good luck,

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