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Hyperdeck Mini & ATEM TV Studio Integration

PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 10:45 pm
by sjshark39

I purchased an ATEM TV Studio HD in December and used it with great success for a 3-camera live-switched production of an ice hockey event. However, I recently purchased a Hyperdeck Mini with the intention of using it to provide instant replay of an individual camera feed. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to configure the remote settings to operate the Hyperdeck through the BlackMagic ATEM software on my Macbook Pro. I have tried using ethernet protocol and RS422 cable and cannot get the two to speak to one another. I have reviewed the manuals for both devices and feel that I have followed all of the steps (including making sure they had matching IP addresses) but no matter what I do I cannot get the ATEM software to "connect" to the Hyperdeck. Any insight would be much appreciated as I am trying to run tests in advance of putting this rig into service for an event on 3/8-3/10.

Re: Hyperdeck Mini & ATEM TV Studio Integration

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 11:39 am
by Xtreemtec
Connect Mac, Atem and hyperdeck all to a network switch.
Observe that all 3 ports connected blink.

I go with the fact that you have your Atem on the default IP address as you did not post your current settings. Which could have been helpfull to spot the error.

Atem IP . . . .>
Hyperdeck IP >
Mac IP . . . . .>
Other settings like Subnet should be set to And Gateway if applicable to

Now on the big hyperdecks you also need to hit the Remote button. I do not have my mini with me at the moment. But might be a Menu option that you have to set to enable remote control. ;)

Go into the Atem Software > Atem Settings (Gear Icon left down corner ) > Tab Hyperdeck
Put in the IP address of the hyperdeck. as in this example. Select the input you have the hyperdeck connected to. Enable auto rol. And push the Connect button to connect the Hyperdeck. Hit save and go play :)

This should be it to get it up and running.

The hyperdeck only accepts 1 remote connection. So be sure it is not taken by any other software like Hyperdeck Control or other 3rth party software. ;)

Re: Hyperdeck Mini & ATEM TV Studio Integration

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 6:44 pm
by sjshark39
Thank you for your reply! I got an email back from BlackMagic support as well and their re-phrasing of the question made clear the same advice you explicitly stated: I needed an external switch in order for all 3 of the devices to communicate. I had remote on through the Mini's menu and I had separate IPs assigned on the same local network. The need for an external router wasn't explicitly stated in the manual as it just said "make sure they're all on the same network" so I was spinning my wheels trying to get all 3 units connected to one another via RS-422, USB connections to the Macbook, etc.

This was especially confusing for me since without the Hyperdeck, I just connected my ATEM directly to my Macbook via ethernet, which didn't leave a second ethernet port for the Hyperdeck to connect the ATEM of course. I added the switch, connected all 3 devices to the switch via ethernet and viola! Success!

If the documentation had explicitly stated that “you need an external router in order to link your ATEM to your Hyperdeck or other devices” then it might have clicked with me sooner. But thank you again for the clarification.