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Can a Nikon Z6/Z7 be used with an ATEM?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 9:47 am
by tautin

I'd like to use a Nikon Z7 as a 4K camera to feed an ATEM Production Studio 4K (or a DeckLink 4K HDMI card). Until now, success has been very limited.

To test I first plugged a 4K HDMI screen on the Z7. I get a video but most of the time it is a (very) low resolution video (the resolution of the Z7's back screen, I presume). And sometimes I get 4K. Once I was having low res, then the Z7 went to sleep mode, and when I reactivated it I got 4K :roll:

When plugging the Z7 to the ATEM, I only get a black picture (very likely because the Z7 is not outputting 4K).

Does anyone has an experience with the Z7 here?


Re: Can a Nikon Z6/Z7 be used with an ATEM?

PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 4:57 am
by Denny Smith
No, the Z7/6 output UHD as its highest resolution, see camera menu for HDMI outputs. Your ATEM setting and the camera resolution setting must match. That said, you can only use up to a 12-foot HDMI cable between the ATEM and camera, or you will need to use a HDMI/SDI Converter and feed the ATEM a SDI signal. The Z6 would be a better choice over the Z7. While both are very nice cameras and shoot excellent vido on their own, neither are going to make a good camera with the ATEM when mixed with other cameras, matching will be a challenge and you do not have any CCU control of the camera.