Intensity Pro 4k DirectShow compatibility

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Intensity Pro 4k DirectShow compatibility

PostMon Jun 17, 2019 12:03 pm


I got a few IP4K's for the only reason - to build a 3D scanning devices.
The only thing I need from the card is access to the 4K video in uncompressed format, no matter the FPS.

THe card offers 2 level of drivers: Decklink Video capture and Blackmagic Intensity WDM.

Both are supposed to be Directshow compatible.

My source is Panasonic GH4 camera set to either 2160p (both 8bit and 10bit) and for testing purposes also set to 1080p output.

Blackmagic IP4K card does show them fine in the Media Express utility, but that is about it.

If I use any DirectShow based program, it's unable to access any video with any possible settings. By directshow programs I mean: VirtualDub, VLC, Skype, etc.

Now I have red the forum, so old threads mentioning this got broken in version 10.4.1 Desktop video software. And previous worked.

And Indeed in version 10.4.0 the driver Decklink Video capture does work if the camera is set to 1080p. The WDM driver does not work in any version and any settings (for my HDMI input source). Yes, but there is no 4k resolution available in 10.4.0.

So, what to do?

Does anyone have it working with 4K in VirtualDub or similar?

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