ATEM 2ME Timecode Embedding

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ATEM 2ME Timecode Embedding

PostFri Aug 09, 2019 6:11 pm


I have a few ATEM 2ME systems. As I understand it LTC Timecode can be fed into the timecode input XLR. This is supposed to embed the timecode into the SDI outputs (program and auxes).

This works well when the system is set to 1080i 50, my 25fps LTC is correctly embedded and my aux feeds have embedded timecode which is picked up by my recorders (hyperdeck studio pros)

The problem comes if i switch the system to 3G 1080p 50. Now LTC fed into the ATEM is completely ignored and the outputs have no embedded timecode data.

Feeding the same LTC source into the XLR timecode input on the hyperdeck gives the correct time on recordings (having switched the decks to external timecode).

It seems like a bug in the ATEM where 25fps LTC is ignored in the 50fps system. AFAIK there is no such thing as 50fps LTC - we have always used 1/2 framerate LTC in 3g systems which all the other devices seem to support.

Has anyone else seen this issue? Or better still come up with a workaround?

tl;dr - 25fps LTC isn't embedded by ATEM running at 50fps.
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Re: ATEM 2ME Timecode Embedding

PostFri Aug 09, 2019 11:01 pm

Is this the same issue as described in this thread?

One thing that might be useful in troubleshooting is that in the ATEM 8.0+ firmware, there is now a small timecode section in the ATEM software control panel. So you can use this to monitor the timecode being generated by the ATEM, and can also use it to set the initial timecode being used by the ATEM's internal timecode generator (if not feeding in external LTC).

So you might be able to use this to help determine whether the ATEM is correctly reading the external LTC timecode at all in 50p mode. And also whether the ATEM is able to embed timecode that works via its internal timecode generator (rather than an external TC source).

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