Moving JustMacros to a different PC

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Moving JustMacros to a different PC

PostMon Sep 09, 2019 9:47 pm


I have JustMacros running on a Windows 10 laptop. It's configured with an X-keys USB controller to run our ATEM 4 M/E mixer, with some quite complex configuration.

However, I need to swap the laptop for a new one. I have installed JustMacros on the new laptop (luckily I had the installed on my laptop as their brand new website shows a 404 error when you click to download the latest version of their software) but does anyone know if it's possible to copy over the configuration file that tells the X-keys what each button does?

There is a license file which hopefully I can copy across too.

I did email JustMacros support last week but they are so slow at replying, and I have a live event tomorrow and would have liked to have used the new laptop for it.

Any ideas anyone?
Thanks very much

Harry Parker

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Re: Moving JustMacros to a different PC

PostTue Sep 10, 2019 1:23 am

I have done this in the past, but some time ago. I seem to remember that you will need to import the xKeys profile file in separately for the new install to work. Copy the entire directory over to the new PC, find and copy the profile file separately, delete the old profile from the JM directory on the new PC, run the JM software and use the import function to reinstall your profile. As far as I recall, this is the process I had to go through to make everything work on the new PC.

Best of luck,

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