Composite to SDI Mini Converter Issue

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Composite to SDI Mini Converter Issue

PostWed Jul 12, 2017 12:39 pm

I have to capture VHS or Umatic composite signals using Blackmagic Analog to Digital Mini converter. I have connected VHS composite out to Y or NTSC/PAL connector and SDI out to SDI monitor. My DIP switch settings is switch 5 is ON and all other switches are OFF. I am not able to get SDI out on SDI monitor. I have tried below steps to check the issue.

1) VHS composite signal on composite monitor, working OK.
2) If I use DVCPRO composite output to Blackmagic Mini converter, I am able to get SDI output on SDI monitor.
3) Using Blackmagic Converters Setup I have connected the device using USB and tried to adjust the Video level, still I am not able to get any output using VHS composite signal.
4) I have also tried to adjust the DIP switches, 1 and 5 ON

Please let me know if there is anything I am missing?


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