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DNxHR 444 outputs in 4:2:0

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Rob Taheij

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DNxHR 444 outputs in 4:2:0

PostSun Nov 26, 2017 2:33 pm

Hey all,

Just to verify... I should be correct when I say: when outputting DNxHR 444 the Chroma subsampling should be 4:4:4, right?

When I load my output back in to Fusion, everything looks fine, but when I try to play it in MPC-HC, then all the colours are very green/purple... Not handy for reviewing...
I have a feeling this is because of the wrong subsampling value!
(I mean.. It's little brother, DNxHR HQX, even puts out a higher subsampling value of 4:2:2)

Have I done something stupid, do I have a brain fart or is this a bug?
I'm using Fusion 9 (free, 9.0.1 build 3) on Windows.


Glenn Sakatch

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Re: DNxHR 444 outputs in 4:2:0

PostSun Dec 03, 2017 10:22 pm

I know i have problems playing back dnxHR 444 in some programs on a Mac. (fcpx for sure, and i think compressor). Are you on a mac? Can you try loading it in Resolve. Resolve should work.
(you might also need to install the avid codec pack?)

Rob Taheij

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Re: DNxHR 444 outputs in 4:2:0

PostMon Dec 04, 2017 1:09 pm

I'm pretty sure it's a bug in Fusion, as the pixel format value seems totally wrong.
(At least... I can't find any way to change this inside Fusion...)

Fusion 9.0.1: dnxhd dnxhr 444, gbrp12le
Davinci dnxhd dnxhr 444, yuv444p12le

The Fusion export can't be/correctly loaded inside other third-party applications.
The Davinci export works like a charm.

One side node:
When loading the Fusion export into Davinci, I do need to force the colour-space to be sRGB Log-C.
I guess due to the wrong pixel format value, it automatically places it into the wrong colour-space.

This is very easily reproducible:
In Fusion, Create a FastNoise Node, Add some colour to it and save it out as a DNxHR 444 12bit file.
When you open this up:
- It will give an error in QuickTime, VLC or AVID.
- It can show it, but with the wrong colours in MPC-HC.
- There are no issues when loading it back into Fusion.
- There is a wrong default colour-space applied when loading it into Davinvi.

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