Multible decklink duo 2 cards channel renaming

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Lasse Luffe

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Multible decklink duo 2 cards channel renaming

PostMon Jan 15, 2018 6:39 pm

I got 2 Decklink duo 2 installed for wirecast. problem is how to recognize channels from card 1 to card 2. both cards do have the same channel titles, (decklink duo (1) up to decklink duo (4) and so.. The next card have exactly same name convention with no further information.
I can set up (card 1) input 1 to 4 by trying and after trying a while finding the right channels with a camera signal present. But when trying to set up the next 4 channels ( card 2) i cannot use the 4 channels, because wirecast think that 1 to 4 are in use. the names of the decklink channels prevent wirecast to use both card.. that have identical channel names.
Any suggestions to, how to rename, identify the 2 cards/channels :geek: I do hope this matter has a fix!!

Ian Morrish

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Re: Multible decklink duo 2 cards channel renaming

PostTue Jan 16, 2018 5:06 am

You can try changing the DisplayName for each channel. This is what Media Express uses to identify the cards. Example below (sorry I only have one Duo 2 card).
You can change the DisplayName value with the API (as I do in PowerShell) or with the Desktop Video setup utility, in the About tab, where it is confusingly called the "Label".
When the label is blank, it seems to default to match the product name (almost).

Using the DisplayName works for me in FFMPEG also so hopefully it works in Wirecast.
Ian Morrish
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