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Fusion crashes on MacBookPro - RAM issue

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Fusion crashes on MacBookPro - RAM issue

PostFri Feb 16, 2018 11:35 am

Hi all,

I am using a MacBookPro 2017, 15" with 16GB of DDR3 RAM @2133Mhz. I have up to 110 GB of free disk space (SSD, 2000mb/s write, 3000 mb/s read) and a 2,8GHz Quad-Core i7 processor, combined with a Radeon 560 with 4GB of VRAM.
I am very new to Fusion and just started playing around with it. For a project at school we have to edit movies and I wanted to step up the quality and work with Fusion/Resolve. I now wanted to track several objects in a particular scene and then add some titles so they stay right on top of the object. I figured out how to work with the nodes, but playback and rendering has been horrible (probably because I don't have a clue about 99% of the buttons and stuff).
When I added a tracker and hit track it starts off pretty well and tracked my scene (about 900 frames) in about a minute or two. However, the RAM usage explodes (maybe that is normal, but for me It was kind of shocking): It uses like 30-40GB of "swap", not much cache though. The kernel task also goes up to 10 GB because (this is what I guess) it has to shove around all the data from Fusion. So I added five trackers for the five objects with five titles. I had to close and reopen Fusion after every track but that was kind of "ok".
But when I added a saver, or even if I wanted to playback or render at quarter the resolution it just killed my MacBook. Up to 90 frames my Mac would still be responsive, iTunes still be playing music but from then on I had like more than 50GB of swap used and the whole machine became really unresponsive until it crashed or I had to reboot it.
So my first question is: Is this setup even good enough to work with Fusion?
If it is, then how? I tried limiting RAM usage to 60 % and put the leave at least option to 4GB. Batch renders are enabled, background disabled. Simultaneous branching is enabled and final render it says render 9 frames at once and also there simultaneous branching. OpenCL tools are on Auto, caching is on "full", device "auto", stats it says its using the AMD Radeon 560 with OpenCL 1.2 and 4GB, the clock at 907MHz and 16 units. in Global settings, subsection loader the option disable all local caching ins checked.

So probably I am doing 15 things wrong at the time but maybe you have some tips and tricks on how to get this working.

Thank you in advance,
Julius Gassert

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