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Wacom + macOS + Fusion

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Wacom + macOS + Fusion

PostFri Feb 23, 2018 5:50 am

Anyone else have issues with Wacom tablets in Fusion under macOS Sierra / High Sierra?

I have a few issues that are driving me nuts. I'd go to Wacom but I've already been there....many times:
1. I have to click interface buttons sometimes multiple times to get them to respond. I've read in other forums that adjusting the double-click speed to high will fix problems but that doesn't apply to Fusion.
2. I remember before being able to zoom and pan any view with the middle/middle+left clicks in any panel and it just worked. Now, I have to first click on a panel or view to make it active before it will recognize the middle/left mouse clicks correctly.

There is another issue with Wacom drivers that hasn't been fixed and has been a bug for a while now. middle clicks register as a press and release action on click (without releasing). This means I can't hold the button down and pan as the button is released instantly. My workaround has been to assign the pen button under fusion to a different key (I use F5) and then with another app have F5 redirect to middle mouse click. this works great. but I'd like to find resolution for the #1 and #2 above. I've been round and round with Wacom support and they are utterly useless and love to repeat themselves. They also have the attitude that they are right and the rest for the world is wrong.

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