calibrate 55" tv / ultrastudio 4k

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Curtis Boggs

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calibrate 55" tv / ultrastudio 4k

PostWed Feb 28, 2018 11:30 pm

Hi Gang,

Does anyone have experience or can tell me how to properly calibrate a 55" client monitor
that is being run by the UltraStudio 4k???

I have an X-Rite i1/display pro.
Works great on my UI monitors but not sure how to use for the client screen and Ultra Studio.

Thank you,

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Re: calibrate 55" tv / ultrastudio 4k

PostThu Mar 01, 2018 4:25 pm

Curtis Boggs wrote:how to properly calibrate a 55" client monitor

couple of approaches...

Depends on your calibration software, whether you are using a LUT box, internal adjustment in the client monitor or an output LUT in your origination/ playback.

There are some types of client/consumer monitor that simply cannot be perfectly placed to match a judgement/grade display. Along the lines of trying to make a frozen fish stick into filet mignon.

If you are using SpectraCal CalMan, you can search their site and YouTube for tutorials. There are many.

jPo, CSI

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