4K playback really choppy & stuttering with 4K Mini Monitor.

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4K playback really choppy & stuttering with 4K Mini Monitor.

PostWed Mar 28, 2018 5:10 am

I have a real problem with Premiere CC, the 4K Mini Monitor and 4K playback. I think I have an okay system; the Mac Pro is getting on a bit but still decent; its a 2012 6-core 3.33Ghz with 48Gb RAM, but I can't play any 4K material in any codec via the Blackmagic 4K mini-monitor without stuttering.

I have a 12gb Nvidia 980, 8-bay ARECA RAID which benchmarks at 900mb/s, but still 4K XAVC or even H264 won't play back smoothly even after rendering. I really think the Blackmagic is the fault or that Premiere is not integrated into the Blackmagic sub-substructure.

I've changed all the scratch disk render formats to lightweight codecs but that doesn't play smoothly either. I read of similar problems with other 4K Mini Monitor users. Any suggestions?
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Re: 4K playback really choppy & stuttering with 4K Mini Moni

PostMon Apr 16, 2018 3:56 pm

Try a quick test; render out a shot or two into non-compressed 4K and 2K .dpx file formats and see if those play back smoothly.

I suspect you will never get smooth real time playback with a compressed codec on your system. The compression is CPU intensive...
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