ATEM Mini: Live Greenscreen-Keying

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ATEM Mini: Live Greenscreen-Keying

PostWed Nov 06, 2019 2:41 pm

Dear forum members,
I am relatively new to the world of video-mixers. I am very interested in buying the new ATEM Mini. I have seen this device in real life at the IBC Convention a few weeks ago.

I'm wondering if it is possible to connect a 1920*1080 Laptop to Input 1 and then connect a Video-Camera with a person in front of a greenscreen to Input 2 and then live key the greenscreen from Input 2 while putting the live input of Input 1 in the background?

In other words: like in a live news-tv-show: Input 2: Speaker (in front of Greenscreen) (live keyed) and in the background lies the signal of Input 1?

I know that you can live-key Images and animated stuff that is provided thru the software to the mixer. I'm just wondering if I can use another live Input signal for the background material instead.

I know that Input 2 should be active/on air and the "Key" key on the device should be enabled, but is it possible to choose, which Input-signal should be used to fill out the keyed-out-background of Input 2???

Sorry, if this is an absolute noob-question, but I can't find no real answer to that question...

Thanks so much for helping answers ;-)

Dave Del Vecchio

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Re: ATEM Mini: Live Greenscreen-Keying

PostFri Nov 08, 2019 3:03 pm

Yes, this is possible. The configured keyer (when enabled) is an overlay on top of the program video source.

So if you set the Program video source to Input 1 and then configure the keyer to be a chroma key using Input 2. Then once you turn on the keyer, whatever content the keyer extracts from Input 2 (the person in this case) will be overlaid over Input 1.

There's a demonstration of green screen keying with the ATEM Mini in the introduction video here: ... 1#t=45m30s

In the video they are keying a green screen animation from a computer over a live video source, but the setup is the same if keying a live video source over a static (or animated) background from a computer. To the switcher, all of the HDMI inputs are video sources, so it makes no difference whether the video is coming from a computer, a camera, or some other video equipment. The switcher will key whatever input source you have configured over any other input.

One other note is that if the background is just a static image, you could actually load it into one of the media players in the ATEM Mini, then set the media player as the program source and key the live video on top of that. In this configuration, you wouldn't need a separate laptop with an HDMI output to generate your background and it would also free up Input 1 for some other video source.
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Re: ATEM Mini: Live Greenscreen-Keying

PostFri Nov 08, 2019 4:25 pm

And ATEM MINI have new advanced keyer (compared to old ATEM generations) .. So great choice for U ..

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