Resolve 16.1.1 loud cracks in audio by DCP export.

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Pedro Nunez

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Resolve 16.1.1 loud cracks in audio by DCP export.

PostFri Nov 08, 2019 10:02 am

We installed the version 16.1.1 and by exporting a DCP (sound 5.1) we realized the output DCP came with very loud cracks in the audio. Then we realized sometimes those cracks appeared as well randomly in the Edit tab, and disappeared when we switched to another timeline and then switch back to the timeline you are working on. We work in the Color Correction, so the audio tracks are imported finished Wav files, without any processing inside of Resolve.
If would be just an issue in the Edit or Color tab we could live with it in the meantime, but because comes as well in outputs, it is a no go at all for us, so we had to roll back to Resolve , which was the less buggy version we have tested in Resolve 16 until now.
We hope the RD team will take a look at this issue, until now we are very happy with all the improvements they bring with each version.
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Dante Stiller

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Re: Resolve 16.1.1 loud cracks in audio by DCP export.

PostSat Nov 09, 2019 12:55 pm

This issue has been listed in several other bugfix threads. You can change your audio output to Timeline Track to skip the Fairlight section and that might help. It did not for me though. The cracks changed but did not disappear. This problem has not been solved in the 16.1.1 update, so it is probably not a simple one.
Maybe the next update will bring a solution.
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Dermot Shane

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Re: Resolve 16.1.1 loud cracks in audio by DCP export.

PostSat Nov 09, 2019 3:55 pm

due to two issues (1= Resolve created DCP failing in Christe servers, 2= ongoing audio issues) i prefer to write j2k files in Resolve and create the DCP in DCP-0-Matic

thereby avoiding the .wav files needing to come near Resolve/fairlight, this is a well known weak link, and uses Resolve's excelent color managment to create trustworthy masters quickly, and DCP-0-Matic creates trustworthy DCP's reliably

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