Firmware 6.0 beta preset bug

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Firmware 6.0 beta preset bug

PostSun Sep 16, 2018 8:11 pm

Hi, i have found a bug, it is the same like in 5.1.1, still not fixed.
When i create two presets for different frame rates - 1 for 25/50fps (4.6k full) and second for 25/120 (2K cropped) - when i switch from 25/50 preset to 25/120 preset it is ok, when i switch from 25/120 preset back to 25/50 preset it gives me 60fps offspeed, not 50. When i press 25/50 preset once again it backs to 50 like it should be. It is annoying as hell during shots that requires fast changes from 120fps crop to 50fps full frame.
Blackmagic, could you please look at it? You guys missed this recently, please fix it for full 6.0 release. (4.8 didnt have this bug). I have also send an email to BM support with this.

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